When award-winning architect Nathan G Judd envisions the new urban precinct in the vibrant and evolving Braddon, he foresees the apartment-living project as adopting an individual feel, distinctive and different to any other adjacent residential precinct.

“I want it to have a finer grain than is usual of Canberra,” he enthuses. “I see it as a place of intricacy and layering, not dissimilar to the inner city areas of other major Australian cities. It’s somewhere to be wandered into, not immediately understandable or readable from the outside, but somewhere to be experienced from within.”

Judd aims to achieve this by proposing an apartment development structure consisting of an internal pocket park, one-way streets coming off a through a connection road spine and the creation of a precinct that encompasses a distinct local residential identity. His approach will also encompass stepping the development from an apartment pinnacle at the southern tip of the site down to 2 – 3 three storey terrace-style townhouses across from the playing fields.

In proposing a concept for his vision, Judd recognises this style of design reflects a new typology for Canberra. He hopes future residents will embrace the unique feel of this Braddon site and see it as an urban sanctuary which possesses the benefits of suburban living coupled with inner city dwelling.