As one of the oldest suburbs in Canberra the former Neighbourhood 1, now known as Braddon, presents the team of town planners at SPACELAB with an interesting proposition—how do they best preserve the strong cultural identity of this heritage-infused area, whilst still meeting the modern day needs of buyers today?

“We will be focusing on achieving inner city density, whilst still maintaining the strong garden city character and heritage of the location,” assures Michael Roy, senior landscape architect from SPACELAB in answering this.

Theirs is a vision which is evolving—it will utilise best practice urban design principles to create an unrivalled residential space, all while preserving the area’s distinctive history and boosting its connection to its surrounding areas. Hence, the eclectic mix of terrace houses, along with a visually appealing apartment block, fringing Northbourne Oval has been conceived. These will present with an aesthetic that offers a proud nod to the past whilst promising a refreshing glimpse into the future and allow a better connection between both Block 5 and Block 6.

Another facet of the plan to better connect the area will also see the SPACELAB team explore the idea of creating a high performance training centre, either in its current location or on the north corner of the site of Block 6. This is something which will be of great benefit to all who want to enjoy this area.

SPACELAB hope to achieve inner city density yet still retain the benefits of suburban living. By designing narrower terrace-style houses, it offers the promise of living in one’s own home, complete with backyard and standalone entrance, whilst still enjoying the benefits of living on the fringe of the CBD. What’s more, the team have expressed their desire to uphold the Garden City principles and character that Canberra is known for, meaning the heritage character of the site will not be lost in the development process.