An architectural style which plays to the strengths of the site’s cultural significance, all whilst being married with the needs of modern day, is the brief for this exciting development in Braddon. It is hoped that by blending contemporary-style terraces and apartments with this historically charming setting, this vision will be achieved.

Consideration is being given to engaging two different teams of architects who will work together to create a community by connecting the three separate sites. It’s suggested that each team will be responsible for different locations and typologies, with both narrower and wider construction typologies to be explored in order to maximise the number of dwellings that can be offered. The project’s vision is also to maximise the north-facing aspect of the site so as to enhance the appeal of the development as well as provide vistas over the adjacent Northbourne Oval and Mount Ainslie.

Currently a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom terraces is envisaged, to be set out over 4 levels on site 1, while site 2 could either be developed into a 22 – 28 metre tall apartment block or again encompass the terrace typology of site 1. Finally, site 3 will showcase a 28m tall building comprising 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments as well as possible loft-style apartments, with unhindered views to the east and north.

Furthermore, the project promises to be customisable, including the option for garages to be converted to commercial or extra living spaces in the terraces. Consideration will also be given to allowing for individuality in the inclusions when the three sites are under construction.