Paying homage to the historical area of Braddon, whilst successfully blending in modern needs and maximising the wide open spaces on offer, is of supreme importance to the SPACELAB team as they plan the landscape design for this unique residential precinct.

“We want to celebrate the site’s local history as we recognise the cultural significance that exists here,” advises Brendon Hill, SPACELAB’s senior landscape architect. “However, we also want to seize the opportunity to create a contemporary twist in our design to give people what they need today.”

Ensuring the hallmarks of heritage are preserved, SPACELAB will carefully intertwine old with new. They will be upholding the Garden City Planning Principles of the ACT, where natural aesthetics play a pivotal role in the design, but will also introduce modern measures to ensure they maximise the potential of the site. This will include maintaining the mature trees, including the towering pines and poplars, but also integrating a fresh landscaping perspective into the site.

“The design will be robust and timeless and accommodate a palette of materials that reflects the location, its heritage and proposed uses,” says Hill. They also advocate a need to take a holistic approach to the development so that residential requirements complement those of the landscape architecture plans. A modern, sustainable approach is to be undertaken, underpinned by the principle that the spaces are user- friendly, with the needs of locals at the forefront of their minds.

The open spaces of Northbourne Oval will also benefit from this revamp, with a revitalisation of the oval perimeter planned, along with the other established green patches. This will not only invite the new residents to enjoy what is on offer, but also appeal to all of Braddon’s residents, thanks to the seamless merging of heritage aspects with the leisure needs of modern life.