The architects from Marchese Partners will approach the redevelopment of Block 5 Section 30 in Braddon with the vision of recapturing the original character of Canberra, which harkens back to its traditional roots as a meeting place.

Focusing on the terrace component of the project, this team of architects can see the potential here to establish a sense of community, rather than a private and individualised living space. This will be accomplished by creating a large open gathering space in the form of a communal plaza at the heart of the development. Being free from vehicles, it will work to inspire residents and visitors alike to communicate and participate in various activities in the wide open spaces.

Another key factor in planning for the terrace scheme is to take full advantage of the picturesque surrounds of this suburb and offer residents unobstructed views. Similarly, the terrace precinct will possess other landscape features including small pockets of greenery designed for people to enjoy, as well as providing an opportunity to connect the oval in the north with pedestrian-friendly pathways.

Overall, Marchese Partners sees a vision for the terraces that gives the enviable impression of a small community being newly established in an urban setting, which will be visually pleasing and encourage the revival of the meeting place spirit of Canberra.