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  • Study for pedestrian connectivity and activation on the edges of the site
  • Improve connections to site on Torrens and Donaldson Streets – upgrade existing footpaths and links to existing networks
  • Undertake infill tree planting to reinforce urban edge and garden city thinking of tree lined streetscapes
  • Add connections to site on Elouera and Doonkuna Street with a new pedestrian footpath, linking to existing networks
  • Footpath connectivity around and to site will provide increased pedestrian circulation
  • Green space activation on the site
  • Green spaces to Donaldson and Torrens Street will be opened up with no boundary fence to allow public use of space and add to green space network on the public realm
  • Spaces to be designed to encourage opportunities for passive activities as well as informal active uses
  • Existing trees to be reviewed and retained/reinforced to add the green space

Posted by Giselle Ravarian, Spacelab