When SPACELAB urban planner Giselle Ravarian set about planning a vision for the proposed development in Braddon, a key factor underpinning her approach was to re-establish the historical Garden City principles of Canberra’s proud past.

“During the last decade there has been an oversupply of apartments in Canberra which don’t match with our garden city image or the title of being the top family-friendly city in Australia,” she explains. In her plan to rectify this, Ravarian will tackle the issues of lack of open and living space on offer for those who want to enjoy the benefits of being on the fringe of the CBD but cannot afford a large standalone house. This will be an inviting compromise for people who want the advantage of living close to the city but also the benefits of community living.

The urban planning practices will also work to enhance the established beauty of the area’s nature, whilst matching it with a high quality residential amenity. It will offer residents access to safe, aesthetically pleasing housing as well as provide the opportunity for social interaction and participation in the community, with access to many services and facilities nearby.

Giving future residents the best chance to enjoy the area will also see multi-storey terrace housing offered with open spaces on each level. This not only gives more open living space but has proven a popular solution the problem of providing high quality urban living in higher density areas while still maintaining a suburban look and feel.